Hands on with mother earth

Rustic chairs.

Working with age old ways, creating beautiful and useful objects for every day use. using the sensitive response of traditional hand tools and the rule of eye.


Majestic oak and sweet chestnut story telling chair, bone oak frame left in it's natural form finished with linseed oil, two section seat of sweet chestnut shaped for comfort and finished with bees wax.    £950.00


Natural formed chair of coppiced sweet chestnut. Sweet chestnut frame with pole lathe turned mortice and tenon pegged joints with two section shaped sweet chestnut seat, braided copper wire details, finished with bees wax.   £650.00


Contemporary shaped, head dinning chair. Bone oak frame work with pole lathe turned mortice and tenon joints left in it's natural form,  a one piece shaped sweet chestnut seat all finished with bees wax.   £695.00


Fairy tale princess chair, coppiced ash stick chair left in it's natural form with pole lathe turned mortice and tenon joints, braided copper wire and coppiced willow details and soft velvet seat. finished with bees wax.    £275.00


Coppiced ash stick chair with pole lathe turned mortice and tenon joints with willow and braided copper wire detail and cushioned seat, finished with bees wax      £225.00


Attention to the tree is a human way of making sense of the rich, dense overlay of forest life. The tree is a single, rooted, tall and graceful survivor. In the tree, man finds a model and symbol of much of what he wants to know about life. The tree is generous with it's shade, it's wood, it's oxygen and it's bark. the tree is a lesson in interdependence, we can "own" a piece of wood, but we share a tree.

Further details of present stock and commission enquiries please contact;

Tony Eames at : tony@earth-encounters.co.uk