Hands on with mother earth

From wood sheds to Round house's

and everything in between

Add that extra outdoor space you have always wanted, be it a garden shed or wood store,to A cozy straw bail round house for that extra sleeping space or even holiday lets.The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.  


Straw bail round house built as meditation workshop space and extra sleeping accomidation. Built to your size requirements with various internal finish.


Composting toilets, can either be free standing or attached to another building with either removable waste container or enclosed chamber.


Woodland shelters and secret garden hideaways of various shapes and sizes.


Open framed gazebo with recipricating roof structure in time will be covered in climbing plants and vines.



Outdoor classroom spaces for local schools and community projects.


 Wood store various sizes large to small      Tool shed, raised beds and compost bins,




Further details and pricing please contacted :

Tony Eames at : tony@earth-encounters.co.uk