Hands on with mother earth

Tables and bench seats


 Bone oak and 500 year old bur elm table .             Steel banded oak table with liquid copper inlay

                       £600.00                                                                       £450.00


     Oak root and bur elm coffee table                       Spalted ash coffee table with bronze inlay

                     £175.00                                                                         £175.00


    Small sweet chestnut garden table                              Long sweet chestnut garden table

                   £275.00                                                                             £400.00


 Chainsaw carved whole log benches in Douglas fur or Western red ceder, three sizes available

from single seat to four seats, from £125.00.


  Sweet chestnut round wood garden bench          Sweet chestnut large slab wood bench seat

                           £450.00                                                                  £500.00


     Oak Labrynth design school bench seat.                        Western red ceder log seat for 2

                              £2000.00                                                               £175.00

Rustic furniture evokes memories of the forest and of the tree.

These are very powerful,

species wide symbols with strong,

but indistinct, personal meanings

Further details of commission's please contact:

Tony Eames at ; tony@earth-encounters.co.uk