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Greenwood workshops


Greenwood working workshops are held through out the year, and at a choice of two local woodland sites, the choice of which is decided on the majority of persons booked on the course. One site is near Lampeter the other near Aberystwyth. All workshops run either over two or three days with basic camping ( compost toilets and cold water) on site if required, workshop tuition times are between 10.00 and 4.00, more details are available on request or booking


Course dates 2012.

 Making and use of a Pole lathe or Shave horse: March 10th-11th / October 6th-7th

Make your own pole lathe or shave horse using a variety of carpentry and green wood skills.choose from different designs of lathe,suitable for garden garage or woodland, Alternatively make your own shave horse and practice your turning and greenwood skills at the same time.

  Pole lathe course cost  - £140.00            Shave horse course cost  - £120.00                                  

Rustic round pole chair making course; April13th - 15th / June 14th - 16th

A chance to make a lovely piece of natural looking furniture as individual as you, The chairs are made from small round coppiced poles left in the form of your own choice.with a choice of woven or wooden seat.

       Rustic chair course cost £150.00       

Gate and Gate hurdle making course.; May 12th - 13th / August 25th - 26th

A chance to make a beautiful, natural looking, useful object, Also an important introduction into several  important greenwood techniques and tools, including; round pole cleaving, draw knife and side axe work, using a brace and bit drill and the rule of eye.

Gate and  hurdle course cost £120.00  

Charcoal burning courses being planned on a fortnightly basis through autumn and winter 2012 / 2013 

Booking form and any further information for courses please contact ;

Tony Eames at: tony@earth-encounters.co.uk